The future is Renewable Energy.

Springerbaai Eco Estate offers homeowners an energy efficient lifestyle. Homes are all built with sustainable living in mind, using predominantly locally sourced natural building materials.

Solar Power

All homes on the estate are solar powered as the local Eskom grid is not available. This form of clean energy harnesses the power of the sun to electrify homes. Modern solar photovoltaic panel systems together with conventional lead-acid or Lithium batteries provide adequate power to run lights, electrical appliances and gas is used to provide water heating and cooking.

Gas Power

Homes are fitted with gas ovens, gas hobs as well as gas geysers. Solar powered hot water systems are also encouraged and can be linked to gas geysers.

Building Footprint

Despite stand areas being between 2000m2 – 3000m2, houses are limited to a footprint of not greater than 250m2, including decks and garages. This creates a sense of space and privacy between homes. Strict building regulations are aimed at limiting removal of natural vegetation around the house and along driveways thus protecting the immediate natural environment around each property. Before excavations for building commence, plants are carefully removed from the footprint area of the house and driveway and nurtured at the onsite garden nursery, ready for re-planting around the property once the building project has been completed.

Springer Bay Architectural & Building Regulations

Indigenous Planting

Only indigenous plants are permitted at Springerbaai. Lawns may not be planted, thus allowing the environment to remain as natural as possible and reducing the need to irrigate. An endemic plant species list is provided for all homeowners.

Building Materials

The architectural style of homes allows the use of natural materials such as locally sourced reed thatched roofs, locally made clay bricks, wooden framed windows and doors and stone cladding found on site.

Gravel Roads

To promote the natural setting of Springerbaai roads are gravel. They are well maintained on a yearly basis and help create a better natural environment.

Septic Tanks

Each property is serviced by a special septic tank designed to incorporate a fiter. These individual septic tanks then feed into super sewer tanks allocated to houses in the various phases. The super sewer tanks are specially aerated using solar power.